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Diahoga Trail



In 2012, Futurescapes spearheaded an effort to address riverfront recreation along the Susquehanna River in Sayre and Athens . Partnering with both boroughs as well as other key organizations, the Diahoga Trail was envisioned, and after eight years of organizing, planning, and fund raising the trail was completed in November 2019.  

The trail is about 1.75 miles long and connects the Athens Susquehanna River Bridge to the Hayden Street/Higgins Avenue plateau in Sayre, with a second phase being explored that would extend the trail northward. Along the trail, one can connect to the Destiny Kinal River Loop, a quarter-mile loop off the northern section of Diahoga Trail.  The trail also connects to the Valley Playland in Athens and Riverfront Park in Sayre.

The scenic trail meanders through the woods in the northern section, then becomes narrower in Athens along the river bank that was stabilized after the 2011 flood. The Diahoga Trail was designed for pedestrians and cyclists, though the riverbank in Athens cannot accommodate both and it is suggested that bikers connect to the trail north of the fenced bank.  

Those driving to access the trail can park at one of the parking lots along the trail. In Sayre at Riverfront Park, follow the road back to the river and there are two parking lots near the pavilion and the boat launch.  The trail runs both north and south of this parking lot.  In Athens, ADA access to the trail  is available via a ramp across from the parking lot on River Street near the Valley Playland and Borough Hall. The trail also runs north and south from this point.  Two signs of interest, one in Athens and one in Sayre,  about flora and fauna along the river and indigenous peoples who once inhabited the area are posted by the trailheads near the parking lots.  

After the trail was established, the trail team opened an opportunity for community residents to donate benches along the path.  In the summer of 2020, seven benches were placed in various areas along the trail for people to rest or contemplate the beautiful river view.  

The trail was built with over $500,000 in funding from PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Community Conservation Partnerships Program, PennDOT Multi-Modal grant, PA Commonwealth Finance Authority, Endless Mountains Heritage Region, and the Donald Guthrie Foundation. Bradford County, Sayre Borough, Athens Borough, Civil and Environmental Consultants, and Todd Babcock, PLS all committed cash funds and/or in-kind services to provide the match needed for the grants and assist in completing this project.


Futurescapes would like to thank its partners, without whom this envisioned project would never have become a reality:

  • Athens Borough

  • Sayre Borough 

  • Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission 

  • Susquehanna Greenway Partnership

  • Bradford County Planning Commission

  • Bradford County Conservation District

  • Endless Mountains Heritage Region

  • Civil and Environmental Consultants

  • Todd Babcock, PLS

  • Binghamton University

  • Hunt Engineering

  • Stiffler McGraw

  • Carantouan Greenway

  • Athens Township Parks and Recreation

  • Valley Joint Sewer Authority.

Please follow these important rules to keep the trail a safe place for all to use:

  • Park Hours:  Dawn to Dusk

  • Children under the age of 10 should be accompanied by an adult

  • Keep to the Right, pass on the Left

  • Stay on designated trail (note there is poison ivy in certain areas just off the trail

  • Bikers maintain a safe speed and yield to pedestrians 

  • Bikers access the trail north of the fenced river bank

  • Pets must be leashed

  • Pet owners must clean up and properly dispose of waste (waste receptacles will be added soon)

  • Notify emergency services in case of accident or incident

  • Notify Athens or Sayre Boroughs if you notice a tree or limb down on the trail

  • Note that trail will not be cleared of snow in the winter


  • Motorized vehicles

  • Alcoholic beverages or drugs

  • Discharge of firearms

Trail Specifics
Parking for Trail Access
Trail Rules
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