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What is Futurescapes? 

     Neighbors Helping Neighbors focuses on achieving the community-wide goal to ensure there is a locally-based organization for long-term community recovery implementation. The Rebuild Athens Steering Committee identified establishing a nonprofit 501(c)(3), called Futurescapes, to provide communication, coordination, and implementation support of strategies and projects in this plan.

How will Futurescapes help the Valley communities?

     In accordance with the Long-Term Community Recovery Plan, the board of Futurescapes plans to rebuild and recover Athens and the surrounding communities safer, smarter, and stronger.

What is the Long-Term Recovery Plan?
     The plan was developed by the Rebuild Athens Steering Committee with community input. It details 14 projects that are divided into groups based upon phases of the recovery vision, with six projects identified by the community as high priorities for recovery.

  • NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS -Nonprofit Organization is a project to establish a local 501(c)(3) exempt corporation that will be the catalyst for requesting and managing grant funds, and administering the programs and projects outlined in this plan. The community has received local support and technical assistance to establish the organization, and has already begun raising funds to support local recovery projects. A major objective of this project is to hire an implementation manager to assist with the recovery process and coordinate projects among the partners.

  • REBUILD SAFER -Block Captain Program is a project to identify and secure technical and financial resources to establish a method that will build community cohesiveness and ensure that communication between neighbors is eff ective and efficient in the event of another disaster.

  • REBUILD SMARTER -Building Regulation Update is a project to develop, adopt and enforce codes that provide a greater level of flood protection to homes and businesses in the borough. This includes building codes that establish design guidelines, construction methods and materials that will reduce future flood impacts.

  • REBUILD STRONGER is made up of three key projects that will strengthen the community through creation of a community education center, increased economic development, and improved housing.

How is Futurescapes funded?

As a nonprofit business entity, this corporation will be funded by public and private sources. Futurescapes is seeking local contributions for technical and financial assistance, and will seek support and financial assistance from the state and private resources to support economic and housing recovery.

How can I help?

The Futurescapes Board of Directors is currently recruiting additional members. We are looking for community members who are interested in taking an active role in the non-profit organization as we begin to implement the Long-Term Recovery Plan. While one of our first goals is to secure funding so that we can hire a director to manage the projects, we are presently in need of individuals who are able to take on the important role of serving as a charter member of the Board.

Who do I contact to get involved?

For further information, please join us at our monthly board meeting on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 at the Athens Borough Hall. Or send an email to for more information.

Who are the current officers of Futurescapes?

Lori Unger, Chair, Linda Politi, Vice Chair, Jean Ann Redman, Treasurer, and Damian Rossettie, Secretary.

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