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Mission Statement:  To facilitate the revitalization of our community – safer, smarter, stronger – by connecting ideas, resources and people


  • Gap Financing for Businesses and Residents

  • Diahoga Trail Project

  • Flood Control Feasibility

  • Workforce Housing

  • Block Captain Warning System

  • Housing Study

  • Cornell University Study

  • Visioning Project

  • Rebuild Valley Playland


About Futurescapes

Futurescapes began as a community steering committee after the 2011 flooding of Athens Borough, with a focus on long-term recovery for the community.  Transitioning to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 2012, the organization serves as the coordinating entity between local and regional organizations for establishing partnerships and developing funding strategies that support whole-community recovery.  Although original focus was on the post-flood recovery of Athens Borough, the Board keeps a vision of the entire Valley community in its planning strategies.


In accordance with the Long-Term Community Recovery Plan, the board of Futurescapes plans to rebuild and recover Athens and the surrounding communities safer, smarter and stronger.

Board Members


Lori Allen Unger, Chair; Linda Politi, Vice-Chair;  Damian Rossettie, Sec.;

Jean Ann Redman, Treas.;  Jim Daly, Kathe Vergason, Scott Molnar, Todd Babcock

Get Involved

Be the change you want to see


Join the ranks of Futurescapes to help the Valley grow Stronger and Safer and help YOUR neighbors. 


Or be a "Champion" of a project that you would like to see come to fruition.


Futurescapes meets on the first Wednesday of odd months at 6:00 p.m. in the Athens Borough Hall meeting room.

$241,000 Diahoga Trail Grant Awarded

Rebuilding Valley Playland


Over 25 years ago, a very dedicated group of community volunteers constructed the Valley Playland. It has served the families of the Valley well, but it needs some attention to improve safety & handicap/ADA access.


Futurescapes has engaged Ithaca's Play By Design was to help develop and design the new layout. Due to the COVID-19 virus, the rebuild dates have been moved to May 18th-23rd, 2021.


You can sign up to be part of the process by calling Lori Unger at

717-433-0439 or send an email with your name, phone number and email address to

Shown above is the original Valley Playland.  This structure was taken down in April 2020 to make way for the new playground, scheduled to be built in May 2021.

Athens 3D final.jpg

Above is the sketch of the new playground slated for installation in May 2021.

Athens and Sayre Boroughs Receive River Town Designation

Diahoga Trail 

Paving on the  Diahoga Trail was completed in October 2019.  The trail follows the Susquehanna River on the west side of the bank from the Athens bridge on Susquehanna Street to the Hayden Street/Higgins Avenue plateau in Sayre.

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